Format corrupted memory card will erase all your data, so make sure that you have made a backup. And if you can not access the card, you can try EaseUS disk data recovery to check if your files are recoverable. Check Disk, commonly known as chkdsk, is a vital Windows utility to monitor the health of your disks. Whenever your hard drives start acting up and you start getting disk errors, the Check Disk utility can be a boon to have. This error message might indicate an issue with sectors, data, or physical disks on the hard drive. If this error message displays, perform a hard drive diagnostic test to verify the condition of the hard disk drive. Press Windows + R simultaneously, type cmd, and press Enter.

Once done, restart your system and check if the error is fixed. After that, click Show more restore points and choose one restore point from the available options. Don’t make the rookie mistake of saving everything in a single partition. Make sure that Windows and other system files are stored in a dedicated partition 0x000000CA .

Way 2: Run SFC Tool

However, you can always make sure that your personal files will not be deleted. So, if you are okay to lose your installed programs, you can go with this method. Before using this method, make sure you take note of the important programs which you’ll need to install after your Windows reset. If these commands did not fix your problem, you need to restore the registry from the last restore point or registry files backup.

If it detects that a file has been corrupted or modified, SFC automatically replaces that file with the correct version. Keeping the drive in your Windows 10 computer error-free is essential to its performance.

Table of versions

An Upgrade Install may fix a corrupt registry as it will install Windows Vista again without affecting your personal files. So if you want to fix corrupt registry entries, performing SFC scan is not effective. Windows Resource Protection itself prevents any modifications of registry keys that are present as part of the OS. And the entries added after installing any applications do not add any backup in the above folder. Also, after repairing the corrupt registry, make sure to fully scan your system with the antivirus. Doing so prevent this issue from reoccurring if a malware was responsible for it in the first place. Another, slightly quicker method for registry restoration is to simply browse to the backup location, right-click the registry file, and select merge.

Navigate to the latest update you installed on the desktop, right-click on it and select uninstall. Click on View update history and select Uninstall updates 0xC00000FD. Now, launch a photo with the Windows photo application and see if you can open it.

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