JFD Brokers Review 2023 Trade CFDs and physical stocks online

It’s quite simple to withdraw your funds using a bank wire transfer. Just login to My JFD and fill in the form in the Withdrawal section. As industry game-changers, we’ve set a new client-centric standard. We adapt to the latest business and technology transformations in the global arena and innovate beyond them to lead by […]

Forex broker ECN, online Forex trading, stock trading ­

Local regulators, such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), often impose stringent regulatory frameworks on Forex brokers seeking local licenses. These rules may restrict the range of trading instruments, conditions, promotional offers, and even the number of liquidity providers a broker can collaborate with. Such limitations can lead to more frequent slippages, chart anomalies, […]

How to Trade a Short Squeeze

Also called “days to cover,” the short interest ratio can tell an investor the number of days of normal trading needed for the trading volume to reach the point to buy back all the shares sold. When there is excessively high short interest, the market can move against short positions, forcing short sellers to cover […]